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Excessive debt is a problem millions of Americans deal with every year. And whether this debt is caused by medical expenses, job loss or financial issues, one fact remains: bankruptcy has become an increasingly damaging way to deal with it.

Aside from the overall stigma that comes with declaring bankruptcy, it can prevent you from obtaining any form of credit for years to come. What's more, bankruptcy does not necessarily alleviate all debt, and often simply restructures already existing debts - leaving you on the hook for all future payments.

Debt Settlement - An Effective Choice

Bankruptcy Relief Network was established to provide a true alternative to consumer bankruptcy that not only alleviates all unsecured debt, but does so in a manner that directly benefits your credit rating. This is called debt settlement - a process by which we take your financial situation into account and approach your creditors individually to negotiate better terms on your behalf. The resulting savings can be as much as 75%, and can see you without debt in a period of 2 years or less.

About BRN

Bankruptcy Relief Network welcomes you to our new home on the web. We are a San Diego, California company specializing in providing debt settlement and negotiation services as an alternative to bankruptcy and credit counseling.

Established in 1990, we have helped thousands of consumers rebuild their credit ratings and eliminate their debt without the damaging effects of bankruptcy or the high costs associated with debt consolidation programs. We invite you to read over our site and encourage you to discover more about our services, our company, and whether our program is for you

We encourage you to contact us directly either by telephone or using our contact form here.

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