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In order to give you a better understanding of how our program works, read the following. This is a summary of how the process works for our clients

1. BRN offers a free consultation which will assess your financial standing and determine whether or not you are a candidate for our debt settlement and relief program. Remember, not everyone qualifies for our program. You must be experiencing financial difficulties that make it extremely difficult to pay off your debts. Our online contact form helps us assess this.

2. Once we have accepted you into our program, we immediately begin working for you. We begin by contacting all of your creditors and ordering that they cease communications to you and instead refer to us, under the guarantee that you will cease using these credit accounts. We log all calls made to us by your creditors, and use any communications to provide leverage during the settlement process.

3. Once we have contacted your creditors, you must save the agreed upon amount on a monthly basis in order to meet the settlement criteria. Once you have the previously agreed amount of money, we begin to settle your debts.

4. The negotiation process begins, and using your saved settlement money, we begin negotiating with your creditors with the goal of providing you with the best settlement.

5. If you approve the final settlement with said creditor, you will pay that settlement amount directly to the creditor. This negotiation process continues until all your debts are properly settled.

6. Throughout the process, we are there to answer your questions. A debt negotiator is assigned directly to you, and will keep you updated of your settlement's progress.

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