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Bankruptcy Relief Network is a San Diego, California company specializing in debt settlement and relief. Our company has served clients from all 50 states and has settled over $10 million in consumer debt since we established in 1990 in Boston, MA. We moved to new offices in the fall of 2001, and now operate solely out of San Diego. The service we offer is not credit counseling or debt consolidation as it is usually defined, and is structured mainly for people seeking an alternative to bankruptcy that will leave their credit in good standing while satisfying their creditors. This is why we call our program "debt settlement".

Bankruptcy Relief Network and the Web

While our company has been in existence since 1990, we have just recently taken to the World Wide Web. We have marveled at the great changes in technology over the past 10 years, and are proud to be able to present our company via the web for the first time, as of January 2002. Over the next few months, we will be working with IT specialists to enable our clients to access their settlement accounts securely via the web, so we consider our "new Internet direction" to be an ongoing work-in-progress.

Despite our late arrival on the web, you can be ensured that our staff is very experienced in our business - debt settlement. Over the years, we have negotiated with hundreds of creditors for thousands of clients, and currently boast a success rate of over 95%.

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