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Since we first established Bankruptcy Relief Network in 1990, we have compiled a quarterly newsletter which we send out to our clients. The topics include many issues, but mainly center around financial management and how our clients can save money in their everyday life.

As we are still new to the web, the process of adapting our newsletter content to this new medium has just begun. So be sure to bookmark this page (press Ctrl-D) and return often. We hope to create a large virtual library of tips and tricks to help you get your financial status in tip-top state. For the time being, enjoy these articles:


About Bankruptcy - find out how bankruptcy works, and why it is a must to avoid.

Are you deep in debt? - a quick questionnaire to determine whether you exhibit the signs of someone having difficulties with debt.

A New Year's Debt Resolution - some great tips on reducing your spending and accomplishing short term financial goals.

Credit Help Negatives - when it comes to getting help with your debt situation, always be aware of the negatives.

Managing Secured Debt - read why it is crucial that you pay your auto and home loan.

Seeking Outside Help - a primer on getting assistance with your debts.

Would you like to contribute to our selection of articles? Please email us at [email protected].

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