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Bankruptcy Relief Network's mission is to help consumers that are serious about resolving their debt, but understand that assistance may be necessary in order to achieve debt relief. We specialize in negotiating debt settlements with your creditors for as little as 25%-50% of the total outstanding debt.

Understand that Bankruptcy Relief Network is not a credit counseling service. Credit counseling services work for your creditors and often earn a percentage of what you pay to the creditors. By using these services, consumers are expected to pay back 100% of their debt through small monthly payments. This often results in a greater debt obligation and problematic credit damage that might not have occurred otherwise.

In cases where financial difficulties have arisen or debt levels have become unmanageable, our program is simply the best way to achieve debt relief. Bankruptcy Relief Network is here to assist you through financial difficulties and get you on the road to financial recovery quicker than you might imagine.

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